Marymount International School is situated in northern Rome on 40 acres of protected parkland, providing a peaceful and safe setting for students to pursue their academic and extracurricular activities. Because the weather in Rome is generally temperate, students are able to take advantage of the school’s expansive grounds year-round, whether enjoying recess in the playgrounds, sports on the outdoor courts, lunch on the patio, or a study break on the lawn. The school’s location atop a hill means that most classrooms are bathed in sunshine and natural light.

Classes take place in six different academic buildings, including The Villa, Gailhac Hall, Butler Hall, St. Jean Hall, the FabLab and The Annex.  These buildings also house administrative offices, three libraries, a cafeteria and coffee bar, and the school's chapel. 

Sports facilities include a beautiful FIFA-sized soccer field, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts, as well as a calcetto field, versatile playing fields, and an Early Childhood Gym. 

Spaces for socializing include the Elementary School playgrounds, the Early Childhood playground and outdoor garden, the Dining Hall's outdoor patio, and the coffee bar.

Main Buildings & Facilities

The Villa

Headmistress' Office
Admissions' Office
Business Office
Conference Room
Grade 1 Classroom
Middle School Art Room
Drama Studio

Gailhac Hall

Elementary School Principal's Office
Elementary School Classrooms Gr. 1 - 5
Elementary School Library
Elementary School Computer Lab
Elementary School indoor gymnasium
Elementary School Art Studio
High School Art Studio
Ceramics Studio
Learning Support Classrooms

St. Jean Hall/The Residence

Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Center Library
Middle School and High School Classrooms (upper level)
The Chapel

Butler Hall

Secondary School Principal's Office
IB Coordinator's Office
Middle School and High School classrooms
Secondary School Computer Lab
Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs
Secondary School Library
The Auditorium


Health Center

Health Center and Nurse's Office
Athletic Director's Office

The Annex

Secondary School music studios

Sports Facilities

FIFA-sized soccer field
Calcetto field
Tennis, volleyball, basketball courts
Early Childhood Gym

Recreational Facilities

Early Childhood Playground and Garden
Elementary School Playground
Great Lawn

Dining Facilities

Dining Hall
Coffee Bar


Computer Labs