Marymount Talks is a series of cultural and education-related discussions that are led by eminent authors and guest speakers in a variety of fields for the Marymount community. 
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Imtiaz Dharker is a poet and artist who defies categorisation by nationality, culture, or tradition. Born in Pakistan and brought up in Scotland before she eloped to India, she describes herself as a 'cultural mongrel' and it is this position as an outsider that has been key to her privileged perspective as a poet. Free from the constraints of a defined group identity, Dharker is able to use poetry to listen for 'the heartbeat of the world'. Her poetry, which has won her a slew of awards and prizes, resides in and explores the tensions between belonging and freedom, socially defined identity and self-discovery, roles and rights. As the calls of nationalism become ever shriller, hers is a quiet, strong voice that commands attention through its lyrical grace, profound insight, and the joy it takes in the sheer pleasure of beautiful words. Dharker has said that poetry 'makes it possible to live' - a gift we need to avail ourselves of at this time more than ever.

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