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Professional Development

Our teachers attended an outstanding variety of lively and thought-provoking Marymount faculty-led Professional Development sessions at the beginning of the new academic year. These included: ways to enhance classroom lessons using virtual and augmented reality; using Formative App to adapt existing resources into online assessments and providing feedback to students as they work in real time; how to install a growth mindset in mathematics learning; how to write the most effective recommendation letters for the college admissions process; literacy tools and techniques to build phonemic awareness and comprehension; how to get students to think more purposefully about the language they use to explain their understanding of historic events; developing scientific writing techniques; using Cognitive Load Theory and retrieval strategies to create impactful lessons and cement information into long-term memory; how to use Lightbox platforms in the Elementary School and Secondary School online resources to enrich the curriculum. Additional sessions focused on: strategies for establishing a pathway to success; interactive approaches to showcase student work and share content with students and parents; using the Hochman Method for teaching writing; a practical workshop for accommodating students with special needs; using Drama games and activities to build effective communication and support classroom learning; planning processes in designing the curriculum; leveraging technology as a took to empower student learning; digital citizenship and WIDA as an ELL tool.

We applaud the leadership, as well as the palpable energy, enthusiasm and full engagement of all of our teachers on the occasion of these highly-inspiring development sessions.

Marymount Faculty-Led Professional Development Sessions