In September 2018, following a thoughtful process of evaluation and reflection, Marymount adopted a plan that identifies and addresses the school's strategic objectives for the next five years. 

The objectives articulated in the plan flow from the Marymount Mission and Vision and reflect the Mission and Goals of the Global Network of RSHM Schools. Additionally, the plan incorporates data from the School's CIS and MSA-CESS accreditation self-study and recommendations from the accreditation visiting committee. The four main strategic goals outlined in the plan, which are listed below, touch upon diverse aspects of our school, from the composition of our student body to a forward-looking curriculum to a sound financial outlook.

Vision Statement
In 2023, Marymount will be a learning community unified in its commitment to the core values of the School, ethically responsive to the needs of the changing world, and leading in every division of educational provision.

Objective 1: Academic Excellence
● Curriculum for all Grades which is relevant, rich in content and intelligent in design.
● Personalized learning programs to enrich high-performing students.
● Upgraded technology hardware and software to meaningfully enhance teaching and learning.
● An EC program which is best in class.

Objective 2: Formation of Ethical and Responsible Citizens
● Enrich the religious, spiritual and pastoral opportunities and experience at all Grade levels.
● Approaches to Learning Program extended schoolwide.
● Formal development and introduction of Service Learning in the Secondary School.
● Further integration of Global Network of RSHM Schools into the delivery of Mission.
● Programs and practices to encourage responsible custodianship of the planet.

Objective 3: Expertise and Growth for Each Member of the Community
● Increased parental access to and visibility of school and student life.
● Enhanced means of reflection and evaluation to promote high performance.
● Long-term professional development planning to support appraisal outcomes.

Objective 4: Best in Class Governance and Operational Structures
● Formalized programs for Board member recruitment, induction, and training.
● Strong admissions performance within the context of a broader advancement strategy.
● Safeguarding future growth through sound financial oversight and planning.