Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement program at Marymount provides students with access to college-level courses while they’re still in High School.

Students in AP courses will extend their learning considerably and, upon successful performance on the examinations, can earn them college credit and placement.  

While the Advanced Placement is a program run by the College Board, Marymount students will complete the course(s) and take the final examination(s) at School in the month of May.

AP courses are also available to those Grade 9 and 10 students who are following a personalized Enrichment Plan. 

Courses 2022-2023

Courses 2021-2022

Courses 2020-2021



Marta Guglielmi


Ms. Marta Guglielmi 
AP Coordinator

External students may take an AP exam at Marymount if the School is running the exam session for internal students.

External students will be requested to provide a current government-issued photo ID.  

Please contact the AP Coordinator for more information.