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For an international group of students considering university studies in various countries, the process of moving on from High School can be a difficult and sometimes bewildering one. Therefore, preparing students to make good choices about their university studies and guiding them through this process are the priorities of the college counseling program.

Although our High School students undergo preparation for university entrance from the first day of their arrival at Marymount through a rigorous program of study and numerous extracurricular opportunities, the college counseling program begins in earnest in Grade 10, and its aim is to make this process, however challenging, an exciting and enjoyable part of our students’ overall education.

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College Visits

Each year, representatives from many colleges and universities throughout the world come to the Marymount campus to speak with students. The list of college visits is updated on our Calendar

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Like all programs at Marymount, College Counseling focuses on the individual student.  Even though much of the work of preparing students to apply to universities takes place in small, class-sized groups during Grades 10 and 11, this individual focus remains central to the process of preparing students for the journey from High School to College and of guiding and supporting them along the way. At the heart of this process lie a few fundamental concepts:

Marymount International School Rome is an official Test Center for the College Board SAT. Click here to register for an upcoming SAT.

Marymount is also an official Cambridge Assessments admissions test center for our own students seeking admissions to top UK universities.

Tests are administered every Fall for those students interested in applying to Oxford, Cambridge and to certain specific programs in UK universities that require specific admissions tests such as the BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test), the TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission), the ECAA (Economics Admissions Assessment), and the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment).

For more information, you are welcome to contact Marymount's College Counselor:

Mark Kranwinkle

Mr. Mark Kranwinkle
Tel. +39 06 36 29 10 78