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Early Childhood program
for 2-year-olds

early Childhood 1 Program  
students 3-4 years old
early childhood 2 program
students 4-5 years old
Marymount’s Early Childhood Center (from ages 2-4) implements a child centered, play-based pedagogy that explicitly teaches international values. The curriculum content reflects the latest research on early childhood development with input from leading experts, academics, teachers and parents.

The program is divided into four Learning Strands:
1). Independence and Interdependence
This strand focuses on developing social and emotional development.  This includes the development of an international mindset .

2). Communicating 
This focuses on the development of a broad range of communication skills including language development, early literacy, early mathematics. ICT and computing, expressive arts and creativity.

3). Inquiring
This strand focuses on developing the skills of inquiry through exploring people and the world.

4).  Healthy living and Physical Well-Being.
This strand focuses on developing a positive attitude to health, self- care and physical well-being.

Outdoor play and discovery learning is a fundamental part of our Early Childhood program. The Early Childhood Outdoor Classroom and garden provides our youngest students with a safe, educationally challenging learning environment which builds on their natural curiosity. The development of independence, self-confidence and social skills is made a priority.

The approach to teaching English in the early years is robust and based on recognised research into best practices in the current pedagogy in multilingual classrooms. We understand the educational value of building on the students’ mother tongue language through interlingual teaching and learning. The educators plan inquiry based play activities which are guided in English and tailored to support children as they grow towards becoming confident and enthusiastic English speakers.

In EC2 ( ages 4 - 5 ) the classes implement the New York Engage math curriculum. This is a developmentally appropriate and challenging program that emphasises the understanding of key concepts and skills. The EC2 classes also focus on the important connection between letters and sounds and early literacy skills are a cornerstone of a balanced, play based literacy approach in our EC2 program. 

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Early Childhood Center
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After School Activities

Starting in EC2, children may participate in after school activities. Activities run from 3:30 - 4:45 pm and include such activities as soccer, swimming, arts and crafts, music and dance.

Bus transportation is available to students beginning in EC2.


Helen Davico

Ms. Helen Davico
Elementary School Principal

Jackie O'Farrell

Ms. Jackie O'Farrell
Early Childhood Coordinator

Early Childhood Center Outdoor Classroom