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Marymount International School Rome

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Early Childhood - Grade 12 Learning Program

Students running on the lawn at Marymount

At Marymount, students follow a continuum in their studies that is evidenced from Early Childhood all the way through their Elementary and Middle School years to Grade 12. Inspired by the IB's philosophy and the highest international curriculum standards, Marymount offers students a unique learning journey marked by bespoke opportunities for personal growth in order to become well-rounded, international-minded, life-long learners.


Students enter the wonderful world of the arts in addition to building 21st century skills...

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Individualized learning plans, English Language Learning and learning support are all a part of Marymount's inclusive learning policy...

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Find our detailed course selections:

EC Center

Ages 2 - 5
A solid, inquiry-based educational foundation offering a dynamic international early years program.

Early Childhood learning at Marymount International School Rome

Elementary School

Kindergarten - Grade 5
Well-balanced, developmentally appropriate experiences that promote creative thinking, curiosity about learning, and global awareness.

Technology learning at Marymount International School Rome

Middle School

Grades 6 - 8
Embedded enrichment, service and wellbeing activities to develop knowledge and skills for a holistic academic development. 

Athletics at Marymount International School Rome

High School

Grades 9 - 12
Academic excellence, learning beyond the curriculum, and taking challenges to discover students' full potential.

Graduation at Marymount International School Rome