Enrichment Program

In accordance with the School Mission, Marymount is dedicated to guiding students towards the achievement of their full potential by empowering them to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously. It is our goal that a Marymount student should desire to celebrate God’s love, respond generously to the needs of our world, and promote justice and dignity for all.

Teachers enable students to achieve their full potential.  This includes pupils who need to be challenged, motivated, and inspired to learn beyond the curriculum. The School’s core curriculum is inclusive and differentiated.  Students who may benefit from enrichment may have a formal written plan which is developed in conjunction with classroom teachers, parents, and the student. Learning targets are set collaboratively and monitored by all parties.

Enrichment Programs
The School offers a variety of advanced and flexible academic study options. These include enrichment opportunities in mathematics, modern language courses (as well as the possibility to accommodate all Mother Tongue languages studies), athletics and the arts as well as the possibility to follow AP courses in Grades 9 and 10 or begin IB coursework in Grade 10 with the proper prerequisites and teacher recommendations.

Continuous attention is given to students wishing to develop their various interests inside and outside of the classroom in addition to specific skills such as public speaking and leadership strategies through a wide variety of opportunities, for example participation in TEDx Conferences, RSHM Conferences within the Marymount Global Network of Schools, Learning, Athletics and Music Festivals, FabLab Fairs, and Model United Nations.

If a student has been in gifted education previously or has completed coursework at a previous school Marymount will find the best academic fit through a variety of screening exams to determine proper placement in coursework.  Social and academic challenge levels are always taken in consideration when making final decisions by the team.