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Marymount International School Rome

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Graduating High School students from Marymount International School Rome

International High School in Rome

My favourite part about Marymount is how multicultural and diverse it is; having access to so many cultures is a blessing. 

In Marymount's High School, Grades 9 through 12 students follow an American international program of studies that prepares them to meet the requirements of Marymount’s American High School Diploma as well as those for the successful achievement of the IB Diploma Programme and Advanced Placement Certificates.

The international High School curriculum is designed around the areas of Language and Literature, Modern and Classical Languages, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Physical Education, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies (studying Catholic and other world religions), Art History, Visual and Performing Arts, and offers students at this international private high school in Rome a wide selection of elective courses from which to choose from according to their interests and passions. 

Students are supported throughout their academic journey by the Principal, Academic and Pastoral Assistant Principals, College Counselor, IB and AP Coordinators, and faculty Advisors in their daily student life and in the selection of their courses according to their interests, enrichment plans and university objectives. Marymount also offers resources to students who would benefit from English Language Learning (ELL) or Learning Support.

High School Highlights

High School Course Selection

Learning Ancient Greek at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 9 


course selection

Studying in the Secondary School Library at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 10


course selection

Learning Graphic Design at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 11 


course selection

Studying Science at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 12 


course selection