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Middle School Curriculum Information

Students in Grades 6-8 follow a Middle School program of required courses in Art, Computer Studies, Drama, English, Modern Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Students are registered for four classes per day and a lunch period. All classes meet three times over six days, with the exception of Religion, Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, Computers and FabLab.

An English Language Learners ELL program is available to Middle School students whose first language is not English to help them become competent English-speakers and allow them to participate in content subject areas. Additionally, Marymount provides support and a variety of resources for students who may benefit from Enrichment opportunities or need Learning Support.

Marymount also offers classes for students who wish to take the Italian Media exams. Students who elect to enroll in the Italian Media classes will have adjustments made to their curricular requirements in order to schedule all of the required courses.

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Language Program

In Middle School all students take "Italian for All" in addition to a Modern Language choice: Spanish, French, German, Arabic or Mandarin and Latin as an elective.

Middle School News

Gr. 8 Guest Speaker Ms. Masal Paz Bagdadi on her book "Barefoot in the Kibbutz"

On Tuesday February 13th Gr. 8 received a very interesting visit from Ms. Masal Paz Bagdadi,  a writer and child psychologist, who wrote (amongst others) the book 'A Piedi Scalzi nel Kibbutz' (Barefoot in the Kibbutz). This book tells of her turbulent childhood when, as a Syrian Jew living in the ghetto of Damascus just before the Second World War, she was forced to  leave her mother at the age of 5 and flee to Israel with her older sister. The book tells of her anguish at being separated from her mother and how she then had to settle in a kibbutz, learning a new language and living with people who were not her own family. She later came to Italy with her Italian husband and became a child psychologist as she wanted to help other children who had difficulties.  

In Grade 8 English we had just finished reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' and the students had subsequently done some research into the Holocaust and persecution of the Jews in general, so when one of the students asked if we could invite Ms Bagdadi (a family friend) in to school, we thought it would be interesting for the students to hear her story. Our student's mother donated 20 copies of the book to the school and some of the Grade 8 students had the opportunity to read it before Ms. Bagdadi's visit in order to prepare some questions for her.

The visit was a great success, both because of Ms. Bagdadi's fascinating story and great ability to speak to the students but also because of the interest and attention shown by the Grade 8 students themselves. Many of them asked extremely mature and thoughtful questions and Ms. Bagdadi was very impressed with the general level and preparation they demonstrated. After the talk she signed their copies of her book.

Gr. 8 Science Fair

The Auditorium was host to the Grade 8 Science Fair on February 2nd. All the students presented. Attendees were impressed to see the work so well prepared; the students explained the results of their experiments to their peers and adults with clarity and passion.

Gr.6 Medieval Manor Projects

This Social Studies project asked the students to use both their knowledge of feudalism and map skills to create their own medieval manor.  This is a cross-curricular project as some will be used by Grade 6 in the FabLab during their construction of catapults.  These manors will serve as their targets.  

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