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Marymount International School Rome

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Middle School Science laboratory at Marymount International School Rome

International Middle School in Rome

At Marymount Rome we never miss an opportunity to work together as a community. It could be during our Middle School Sports Program, such as basketball and tennis, while doing a group project or just socializing with friends during recess. All of the Marymount staff also offers us incredible support, helping us discover which is the right path for us to take academically.

Marymount Middle School (Grades 6-8) students follow an American international core curriculum that is focused on the development of a deep understanding in the areas of Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Mathematics and Sciences, Individuals and Societies and the Arts in addition.

In addition, our international Middle School's embedded enrichment, service and wellbeing activities, inspired by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program offered in the last two years of High School, enable our  Middle School students to develop their knowledge and skills across subjects for a holistic academic development.

Some of these include weekly Secondary School Assemblies, International Baccalaureate-inspired "Approaches to Learning" sessions, leadership opportunities in the Middle School Student Council and House System, and participation in several RSHM Conferences and festivals. Field trips around Rome, Italy and beyond, student clubs, service opportunities and after school activities also offer our students a rich learning experience outside the classroom. 

Middle School Highlights

Middle School Course Selection

Technology at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 6 


course selection

Middle School Sports Program at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 7


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Student support and advisory at Marymount International School Rome

Grade 8


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