Middle School

Middle School Curriculum Information


Students in Grades 6-8 follow a Middle School program of required courses in Art, Computer Studies, Drama, English, Modern Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Students are registered for four classes per day and a lunch period. All classes meet three times over six days, with the exception of Religion, Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, Computers and FabLab.

An English Language Learners ELL program is available to Middle School students whose first language is not English to help them become competent English-speakers and allow them to participate in content subject areas. Additionally, Marymount provides support and a variety of resources for students who may benefit from Enrichment opportunities or need Learning Support.

Marymount also offers classes for students who wish to take the Italian Media exams. Students who elect to enroll in the Italian Media classes will have adjustments made to their curricular requirements in order to schedule all of the required courses.

Language Program

In Middle School all students take "Italian for All" in addition to a Modern Language choice: Spanish, French, German, Arabic or Mandarin and Latin as an elective.


Ms. Viviane Mingazzini
Secondary School Principal