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Marymount International School Rome

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Bus Service

Bus service and transportation at Marymount International School in Rome

Marymount offers a bus service throughout Rome and the surrounding area in partnership with the Perrella bus company. The buses are safe, comfortable, and carefully maintained. Lists of neighborhoods and areas served by the buses appear below. (These lists can vary depending on individual needs.)


Round Trip (Inside Ring Road GRA)         € 3,350
Round Trip (Outside Ring Road GRA)      € 3,550
One Way (Inside Ring Road GRA)              € 2,300
One Way (Outside Ring Road GRA)          € 2,500

Bus Line N°1
Laurentina, 70 minutes
IFAD, 70 minutes
EUR, 60 minutes
Ostiense centro, 45 minutes
FAO, 40 minutes
Lungotevere Marzio, 25 minutes

Bus Line N° 2
Acilia, 90 minutes
Casal Palocco, 80 minutes
Infernetto, 70 minutes
WFP (largo Rebecchini), 50 minutes

Bus Line N° 3
Caracalla, Numa Pompilio; 50 minute

Bus Line N° 4
Olgiata, 60 minutes
Cassia (G.R.A.) 50 minutes
Cassia (Tomba di Nerone) 25 minutes

Bus Line N° 5,7,10
Piazza Bologna, 60 minutes
Piazza Istria, 50 minutes
Piazza Buenos Aires, 40 minutes
Piazza Ungheria, 30 minutes
Piazza Digione, 25 minuti
Piazza Euclide, 20 minutes

Bus Line N° 6
Piazzale Ponte Milvio, 15 minutes
Piazza Giuochi Delfici, 10 minutes
Via Cortina D’Ampezzo, 20 minutes

Bus Line N° 8
Piazza dei Re di Roma, 60 minutes
Piazza San Giovanni, 50 minutes
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 45 minutes
Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, 45 minutes
Piazza Della Repubblica, 35 minutes
US Embassy, 25 minutes
Piazzale Flaminio, 20 minutes

Bus Line N° 9
Piazza Adriana, 40 minutes
Piazzale degli Eroi, 45 minutes
Piazza Della Balduina, 30 minutes
Piazza Igea, 15 minutes

Bus Line N° 11-12
Tuscolana, 60 minutes
Prenestina, 60 minutes

Bus Line N 13
Tor Sapienza, 80 minute
Tor Cervara, 80 minute
Collatina, 80 minute

Bus Line N° 14
Piazza Verbano, 35 minute
Villa Grazioli, 30 minute

Bus Line N° 15
Fiumicino - Parco Leonardo, 90 minute


Late Bus Service

Marymount's late bus service leaves School via the back gate (Via Cassia) at 5:10pm
Students riding the late bus will report directly to the School Bus Coordinator at the end of their after-school activity.

Please refer to the After-School Activities page for further details or contact Mr. Mele, the School Bus Coordinator.