Tuition Fees

Early Childhood    11,400
Kindergarten        14,400
Grades 1 - 2         16,900
Grades 3 - 5         17,500
Grades 6 - 8         19,200
Grades 9 - 10       21,900
Grades 11 - 12     22,600

  • Family Registration Fee                5,000
  • International Baccalaureate         1,500
    (IB) Diploma Candidate Fee
  • Application Fee for new student    400
  • Re-enrollment Fee or                     350
    Returning student   

Family Registration Fee:
The Family Registration Fee is paid once only per family, at the time the family first enrols a child at Marymount International School.  The Family Registration Fee is non-refundable and is not pro-rated according to date of entry. 
Special Programs & External Examinations:
The cost of external examinations and other special programs will be billed to the Parents or Guardians as they occur.    

Lunch Provision: Lunch is universally offered on a complimentary basis to all students, faculty and staff by the School, as it is intended to be a moment of sharing and bonding within the school community.    

Round Trip (Inside Ring Road GRA)         3,200
Round Trip (Outside Ring Road GRA)      3,400
One Way (Inside Ring Road GRA)            2,200
One Way (Outside Ring Road GRA)         2,400

Financial Aid: Limited financial aid is available by request to the Headmistress.    

Bank Transfer Details
Payable to Marymount International School
Banca Popolare di Sondrio
IBAN: IT78 W056 9603 2150 0000 2800 X80
Payment for (causale): Name of student

Please note that credit card payments will be charged an additional 2%-3% depending upon which card is utilized.