Uniform & Dress Code

Marymount's uniform and dress code items may be purchased as follows:

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Delivery will be available throughout the summer months.  
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The temporary store, located in the northern part of Rome, is open by appointment only. To make an appointment to visit us please contact:
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    ◦ Ms. Simona Cirimbilla: +39 3392110260

Summer Closure Calendar:
Please note that deliveries will be suspended from August 6th and will resume on August 22nd.

Uniform Booklet cover


For further information please contact:

Ms. Giada Garcia: +39 3925080683
Ms. Simona Cirimbilla: +39 3392110260



Marymount students adhere to a uniform and dress code that is straightforward as well as comfortable. The dress code generally requires students to wear a white polo shirt and navy blue pants or shorts. The details of the dress code, however, vary by grade level and differ for physical education classes as indicated in the booklet.