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Marymount International School Rome

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Music lessons at Marymount International School Rome

From songs and rhymes geared toward the development of memory, pattern, communication and the expression of self in the Early Childhood years to the process of creating, performing, and responding to music in the Elementary School, students at Marymount discover music as a universal human activity and its connections with other disciplines.

Throughout Middle School they increase their musical literacy and develop an affective and cognitive appreciation as listeners of all genres in addition to building in-depth knowledge of music history and cultural perspectives.

As of Grade 6 students have the opportunity to choose Band or Chorus as elective courses and as of Grade 9 they may also choose the Music Production course which includes the creative process of composing through a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Juniors and Seniors taking IB Music extend their knowledge and abilities in performance, musicology and composition (using Sibelius software), as well as developing their potential as either solo and ensemble performers, or as composers.

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After School Music Ensembles


Private music lessons at Marymount International School Rome


Private Music Lessons

Marymount students also enjoy the opportunity to take private music lessons on campus with professional musicians and participate in a wide selection of music classes as after-school activities.

Music learning in the Early Childhood Center at Marymount


Elementary School music classes at Marymount International School Rome


Royal voices and singing at Marymount International School Rome