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Marymount International School Rome

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Theater Arts

Drama and performance classes at Marymount International School Rome

Marymount students develop their communication, public speaking and teamwork skills by participating in a wide range of performances throughout the year such as the Early Childhood Center and Kindergarten Christmas shows, Lessons and Carols, plays, concerts, after-school club activities such as Irish Dancing and Ballet, and during School functions such as Masses and Assemblies. 

Beginning in Grade 4, students are introduced to theater and performance through their Drama classes. Students learn how to create their own performances, read scripts, design sets, and empathize with other characters thus developing their creativity, self-confidence, and self-awareness. 

Upon reaching Secondary School, students may choose Drama as an elective course. Students build upon their prior knowledge in addition to writing scripts, design costumes, and critically analyze characters and writing techniques. Students also engage in a series of practical workshops aimed at building confidence, taking risks and learning to create theatre as an ensemble. The Performing Arts program culminates with the two-year IB Theater Arts course within the IB Diploma Programme. Student learn to apply research and theory to contextualize their work and gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community and the world.

Students performing The Witches play at Marymount International School Rome

In Grade 5 all students take part in the annual Grade 5 production which takes place in April, while the Middle School Play takes place in early spring. The High School Play is performed by The Marymount Players and takes place during the second half of November while the High School Musical takes place around the middle of March. The performances are wholly student led and managed including all of the sets, props, posters, programs, sound and lighting.

Marymount is also a member of MAIS choir and ISTA and takes part in their festivals annually in addition to the yearly RSHM Performing Arts Festival for the Middle School.

High School Play at Marymount International School Rome


Kindergarten Christmas show at Marymount International School Rome


The Witches drama performance at Marymount Rome


Drama classes at Marymount International School Rome


Drama costume design at Marymount International School Rome