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Marymount International School Rome

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Early Childhood Physical Education Program

Early Childhood play and education at Marymount International School Rome

Research has shown that early childhood physical education is important and improves mental and emotional development in addition to physical wellness in children.

Early Childhood (2 year olds) develop and improve gross and fine motor skills in their Outdoor Classroom and Forest School sessions, in addition to developing knowledge and understanding of the natural world, problem-solving skills and independence. Dance classes also develop students’ coordination and body awareness.

In EC1 and EC2, students have the added Physical Education component to their daily schedule. These classes focus on developing competence in body control and coordination; participating in activities such as jumping, climbing, running, hopping, balancing, throwing, catching and kicking a ball as well as participate in team games, and gain more confidence in their abilities.     

For all grade-specific sports activities please visit our Early Childhood Center program information and after-school activities pages. 

Sports and play in Early Childhood at Marymount