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Mentorship Program

Marymount's Mentorship Program aims to encourage excellence in current students by inviting alumni to become part of a Mentorship Program Directory that is located in Marymount's password-protected portal on the School's website, which students can access to seek information, advice, and concrete help in learning about careers and the university programs that lead to them. Marymount mentors are alumni who agree to share their university and work experience with today’s students.

These students face greater challenges than ever before in getting an education which will prepare them for life and work in our rapidly changing world, and alumni, who share the fundamental experience of a Marymount education with them, are in an ideal position to help.

Simply by sharing their contact details and basic educational and work experience with students, and thus making themselves available for consultation through the portal on the Marymount website, alumni can make a valuable contribution to their school. And, it would be great if some alumni were willing to help even more by offering students shadowing or internship opportunities if they wish to do so.

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