Fundraising Results

The abundant generosity of parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and other friends of Marymount is evident throughout our school by the variety of projects and campus enhancements made possible through contributed support. We invite you to read about some of these projects, which are described below. We also hope that you might consider how your own gift could make a difference to students at Marymount today and in the future.

1-1 iPad Program

Children today love iPads, and students at Marymount love learning on iPads. Thanks to generous contributed support, Marymount introduced a 1-1 iPad program in the Elementary School in 2013 that has changed the way students interact with information, with their teachers, and with each other. Students in Grades 4 and 5 are regularly using iPads in their lessons, and thanks to several inventive apps, their teachers can make these lessons more engaging and interactive than ever before. Click here to read more about the 1-1 iPad program.

Elementary School Computer Lab

In the fall of 2011, the Elementary School Computer Lab was the site of a great transformation. Literally overnight, the lab did away with the p.c. workstations that had become veritable dinosaurs at 7 years old, and reopened the next morning with rows of gleaming new Apple iMacs in their places. Immediately, students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 embraced the advanced features, speed, and ease of use of these new computers and hit the ground running with their computer assignments. All of this was made possible entirely by gifts from a few very generous families who were eager to turn a good technological hub into an excellent one. Click here to read more about this transformation.


Learning in the Secondary School took on a new dimension in the fall of 2010 with the introduction of a new class called iLab. Designed around the capabilities available in iMac computers, which were purchased with a generous donation to the school, the class encourages students to dig deeper into their academic subjects through the lens of video, audio, podcasting, and other technologies. Students were instantly enthusiastic about the course, and the results have been remarkable, leading to the introduction of an Apple 1-1 laptop program in Fall 2011.

Swimming Pool

Marymount transformed one of the most neglected areas of its campus to one of the most beautiful, thanks to help from generous parents and alumni. The swimming pool in the northern part of the campus had been in disrepair for nearly a decade when the school launched a fundraising campaign to support its renovation in 2009. Now the pool not only enhances the physical beauty of the campus but also serves as a key component of the school’s summer program as well as a spectacular setting for special events.

Elementary Playing Fields

Following the success of the swimming pool renovation, students benefitted from further enhancements to the campus with the construction of new playing fields for the Elementary School in 2010. Made possible by the generosity of the parent community, the fields offer a beautiful and comfortable space for games and sports, including volleyball, basketball, and various other activities, during P.E. classes and recesses. Situated adjacent to the swimming pool, the fields complete the redevelopment of the nothern part of the campus.


Thanks to contributed support from parents and alumni, Marymount began investing in CleverBoards in 2008. Now nearly every classroom at Marymount is equipped with a CleverBoard, and teachers and students alike enjoy taking advantage of their audio, video, internet, and interactive capabilities, including videoconferencing, which brings guest speakers from around the world virtually into the classroom. The use of CleverBoards is helping to make the classroom experience even more engaging and effective for everyone.

Grand Piano

Once again, the Marymount parent community proved instrumental in enhancing our school by generously donating a beautiful Kawai grand piano to Marymount in 2007. Prior to receiving this generous gift, the school was encumbered by the time and expense involved in renting grand pianos for concerts and recitals, or students simply did without. Now this magnificent piano, which is housed in the Auditorium, is put to good use for concerts, recitals, theater productions, masses, assemblies, and more!

Elementary Playground

In 2006, the school dedicated its Elementary School playground on the upper part of the campus. Thanks to support from the parent community, the school completely transformed this area to make it an active, safe, and fun place for children from Early Childhood and up to enjoy playing on swings, slides, see-saws, and all manner of outdoor equipment. This beautiful and spacious area is in use nearly the entire day as a place for younger students to get the playtime they need and deserve.

Calcetto Field

Marymount parents contributed generously to the development of the school’s calcetto field in 2005. One of the most popular spaces on campus among the students, the field provides aspiring soccer players of all ages a place to practice and learn the sport. The field is in frequent use during physical education classes for lessons in a variety of sports, while students participating in Marymount's after school activities program can take full advantage of the space during soccer lessons offered every day.


On January 14, 2017 Marymount's FabLab officially opened its doors to welcome the community. Students of all grades have access to this state-of-the-art technological and "maker" space thanks to the generous donations of our current and past families and the RSHM.