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We appreciate that managing the Coronavirus will present you with some particular challenges: there is undoubtedly anxiety generated by the ubiquitous discussion of the topic. In addition, the sense of isolation that our children might feel during this national school closure requires a considered response from all of us. To support you in this situation we have constructed some tips in talking about the current situation with your children:

  • Remain calm and reassuring 

  • Keep Explanations Age Appropriate:

    • Early Elementary School children need brief, simple information that should balance COVID-19 facts with appropriate reassurances that their schools and homes are safe and that adults are there to help keep them healthy and to take care of them if they do get sick. Give simple examples of the steps people take every day to stop germs and stay healthy, such as washing hands. Use language such as “adults are working hard to keep you safe.”

    • Upper Elementary and early Middle School children will be more vocal in asking questions about whether they truly are safe and what will happen if COVID-19 comes to their school or community. They may need assistance separating reality from rumor and fantasy. Discuss efforts of School and community leaders to prevent germs from spreading.

    • Upper Middle School and High School students are able to discuss the issue in a more in-depth fashion and can be referred directly to appropriate sources of COVID-19 facts. Provide honest, accurate, and factual information about the current status of COVID-19. Having such knowledge can help them feel a sense of control.

  • Invite your children to talk about their feelings and help reframe their concerns into the appropriate perspective. 

  • Monitor television viewing and social media in order to limit information that might be upsetting when your children are present. 

  • Maintain a normal routine as far as possible; keeping to a regular schedule can be reassuring and promotes physical health.

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