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Marymount International School Rome

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Advisory and supporting our students at Marymount International School Rome

Advisory programs are in place from the Early Childhood through Grade 12 to support our students’ academic, social and emotional needs and help them  thrive as they navigate their learning journey.

Marymount is deeply committed to students' wellbeing as individuals. All Early Childhood Center and Elementary School students are assigned to Homeroom teachers who look after them and are their first point of contact. 

Secondary School students are assigned individual faculty Advisors who are responsible for the students' wellbeing, guiding them personally, academically and socially through the academic year. In order to support the positive transition from Elementary School, particular attention is given to Middle School students, and also to High School students through a daily morning Advisory program.

Students are supported within the School framework as Advisors help them track their academic progress, mentor them in their Enrichment Programs, and help them to integrate creativity, activity and service projects in their curriculum. 

Advisory and supporting our Marymount students