Marymount Is a Catholic School that Follows the teachings And traditions Of the Church, while it welcomes students from many diverse cultures and respects their religious beliefs. It is, in fact, the celebration of this diversity that enables Marymount students to learn in an atmosphere of openness and sharing and helps them formulate values that lead to respect for all people. Marymount students learn about all of the world's major religions, and those who are not Catholic take a welcome role in providing insight into their own religions for the benefit of their classmates.

Students at Marymount are provided with the opportunity to prepare for the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation, and they mark important moments throughout each year with community liturgical celebrations and prayer services.

The study of the life of Christ, Sacred Scripture, the sacraments, and celebration of the liturgical year are an integral part of the Religious Education program from Early Childhood through Grade 5. These themes deepen in Middle and High School with the study of world religions, Christian moral values, and teachings on social justice.