In Grades 9 through 12 students have the choice to choose Drama as an elective course and as of Grade 11 may also choose IB Theater Arts within the IB Diploma Programme. 

The school is equipped with a working Theatre/Auditorium space and a small black box studio theatre.

Marymount is also a member of MAIS choir and ISTA and takes part in their festivals annually in addition to running the RSHM Performing Arts Festival for the Middle School each year.

The High School Play is performed by The Marymount Players and usually takes place during the second half of November. The High School Musical takes place around the middle of March. The performances are wholly student led and managed and all sets, props, posters, programs, sound and lighting are organized and managed by the students. 

Throughout the year drama students from Middle School and High School learn how to communicate effectively using their bodies and voices. They learn how to solve problems in creative and original ways, to think quickly, to improvise and to understand ideas and concepts through experimentation. All students perform to their student body throughout the year. The Grade 6 students present a fairy tale performance to the Early Childhood students at the end of their school year and the High School undertake theatre projects that aim to promote the understanding of a chosen unit from one of the grade levels. A series of practical workshops aim at building confidence, taking risks and learning to create theatre as an ensemble. Techniques on acting, movement, design, and directing are all incorporated into the subject so students may explore drama and theatre from all angles. 

In Middle School students who take Drama class are introduced to theatre and performance thereby developing teamwork, communication skills, public speaking, confidence building and critical analysis. 

In Grade 5 students take a practical course providing an introduction to theatre and performance. The main objective is to develop teamwork and communication skills, public speaking and confidence building. Students learn how to focus their skills to create their own performances, read scripts, design sets, and empathize with other characters. All students play an active part in the annual Grade 5 production which takes place in late April.