Music at Marymount is part of student life both within the Performing Arts curriculum and as extra curricular activities.

The program focuses on each student's individual growth as they learn and improve their sense of tonality, rhythm, technique, and through performing in several styles.

Students in Grades 9 through 12 are encouraged to discover their inner talent by joining the High School Choir or the High School Band, an advanced level ensemble open to students who already play a band instrument or have prior musical knowledge and/or experience.

Students in 11th and 12th grade also have access to IB Music, an opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of music of all genres throughout the world, encouraging them to develop perceptual skills through diverse musical experiences which they learn to recognize, analyze, identify and hypothesize in relation to music. An IB Music performance, Sonic Waves, occurs in March in order to record the Internal Assessment. 

Performance is a key component so students will perform in the classroom, in school concerts during the year, in school masses, on retreats, and during some off-campus events.  

The Band ensemble performs several times throughout the school year including the Winter and Spring Concerts and Graduation. 

Advanced Band students may also be chosen as members of the orchestra for the High School play, which usually takes place in the second half of November. The also form the core group of the Royal Winds, the school’s Honor Band. Students may be asked to audition to ensure an adequate level. 

The High School musical usually takes place in March. The HS Musical is one of the most important and interdisciplinary moments of the year for students involved in the Arts.

After School Music Ensembles

Royal Winds
(Secondary School Concert Band)
The School's concert band for students Gr. 7 to 12. 

Royal Strings
(Secondary School Orchestra)
The School's concert band for students Gr. 7 to 12. 

Royal Voices
(Secondary School Choir)
A select group of singers involving students from Gr. 8 to 12 as well as staff members. 

Yearly Music Performances

Lessons and Carols 
Marymount's Christmas celebration takes place in School, outdoors behind the Villa. It is an interdisciplinary performance that involves music and religion classes from Grades 1 to 12. Select students from the Royal Strings and Royal Winds are asked to join together to form a chamber orchestra accompanied by the performance of a choir made up of all grade levels. 

Sonic Waves
A public performance of the IB Music students during which the Internal Assessment is recorded. It takes place in the Auditorium mid-March.

Spring Concerts
The School hosts two separate concerts in Spring, a vocal and an instrumental one, both in the Auditorium. All grade levels perform as part of their music course assessment, as well as the After School ensembles and those students taking the ABRSM music exams. 

MAIS Honor Choir
A group of 12 students from Gr. 6 to 8 chorus classes are invited to join the MAIS Honor Choir in a concert which takes place in one of the MAIS schools circuit usually during the third week of March.

RISA Honor Band
A group of select students from Gr. 6 to 8 band classes take part in the annual RISA Honor Band concert hosted in one of the RISA schools during the month of April. 

Secondary School Musical
Students from the Royal Winds and Royal Strings perform in the orchestra for the Secondary School Musical in March.

Private Music Lessons
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Middle School students have a choice of joining Band, and developing their musical understanding and technical skills through the performance of a wide variety of musical literature. They may also choose to join Chorus and develop their vocal skills and to discover the joy of working together in a choral group and explore singing in a variety of styles. 

Musical education enhances a person’s ability to participate in society by developing creative problem solving, inquiry, and communication skills, and by providing an avenue for self-expression and multiple points of view. For these reasons, a curriculum that enables students to become self-directed, lifelong learners in music is available to
all Marymount students from Early Childhood 1 through Grade 5 where the processes of creating, performing, and
responding​ ​to music​ are interwoven throughout a balanced and complete music program.

Early music lessons link strongly with mathematical development, as the children begin to recognise
pattern. In addition, the learning of songs really stimulates the use of short term memory which transfers to all areas of learning in the early years.

The benefits of having regular music classes has an enormous impact on children’s oral language, self esteem
and enthusiasm for learning. The students are also given the opportunity to perform for an audience at Christmas
which gives them another enriching learning experience.