House System

Marymount's House system, created by the Student Council, aims to increase the entire school community's engagement, sense of belonging and school spirit in a supportive environment by organizing community-wide events as well as friendly competitions in a number of academic, sporting and cultural activities that generate House Points. Marymount students, parents and faculty are assigned to one of four Houses, named after four General Superiors of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Marymount's founders. 

At the heart of the House system there is the additional scope of instituting a large-scale collaborative effort within Marymount to raise funds for the Abana Project - Marymount For Zambia as well as to create a culture of service by promoting activities that benefit additional charities specific to each House.

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The House names FELIX, GERARD, MILLIGAN, ROWLEY, represent a part of the foundation of this School, as each General Superior offered something special as an RSHM Sister.

House FELIX:  Mother St. Felix Maymard was one of the original eight women who joined the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary when Father Gailhac founded the Congregation in 1849. She was the link to the future, and the continuity of the Order as General Superior for 27 years. It was Mother Felix who brought the RSHM into the 20th Century. House Felix is represented by the Heart element part of the Marymount crest.

House GERARD: Mother Gerard Phelan was passionate about schools and education, establishing RSHM schools all over the world and raising the level of education. She said that teaching is a noble calling, and that those who teach in RSHM schools are called to shape the minds and hearts of youth towards all that is great and true and holy.  House Gerard is represented by the Dagger element part of the Marymount crest.

House MILLIGAN: Mother Mary Milligan was a university professor and theologian who continually went back to the original sources – the early documents and letters of the original Sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary reminding us to listen to our own hearts, to one another and to God, AND to be kind and gentle to each other. House Milligan is represented by the wreath element part of the Marymount crest.

House ROWLEY: Mother Rita Rowley was a woman of international experience, a scholar who valued her education.  It was she who moved the center of the Sisters’ leadership to Rome, partly because she identified so much with the early Christian people who worked hard to keep their faith and to transmit it to future generations all the way down to us. House Rowley is represented by the fire element part of the Marymount crest.

With their names to remind us, Marymount's Houses seek to fulfil the RSHM Mission that ALL MAY HAVE LIFE so that every human person may experience love and care, justice and peace beginning within our school community.


House Event: International Day