Learning Beyond the Classroom

There is needed the spiritual diplomacy of the enlightened educator, the thinker and the scholar to establish the defence of international order, to teach respect for human dignity, and to open minds to the universal beauty of justice and freedom… It is therefore more imperative than ever that we consciously continue to globalize our educational outlook. - Mother Rita Rowley, RSHM General Superior 1960-1963

Trips Beyond Classroom Borders

At Marymount International School Rome, Trips Beyond Classroom Borders are designed to bringing elements of the curriculum to life, giving students first-hand experience of how their knowledge can be linked to the world in which they live.

During the school year students are able to draw upon Rome’s wealth of monuments, museums, and galleries to complement their academic studies.

Marymount students also travel to Europe and beyond for events including the Model United Nations in The Hague (THIMUN), International Schools Theatre Association Festivals (ISTA) in November, the Rome Maker Faire, the MAIS Honor Choir Festival in Spring, the RSHM Middle School Leadership Retreat in September, the RSHM MUN Conference in March, the RSHM Middle School Sports Festival in April, and the RSHM Theater Festival in May (in collaboration with ISTA). Students also attend conferences held at our sister Marymount Schools around Europe and travel around Italy and then to Germany for the European finals as a part of the Varsity Sports program.

During the mid-term holiday the School organizes week-long "Trips Beyond the Classroom Borders" tours to locations including European destinations such as France and overseas tours such as the Galapàgos to discover biodiversity or Zambia and Brazil for a more service-oriented experience.

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Marymount's Network of Schools Festivals

RSHM Leadership Retreat (Marymount International School Paris, Sept. 27-30, 2017)

RSHM MUN Conference
(Istituto Marymount, March 9-11, 2018)

RSHM Maker Faire
(Marymount International School Rome, March 9-11, 2018)

RSHM Sports Festival
(Marymount International School London, May 19-22, 2018)

RSHM Theater Festival (Marymount International School Rome, May 17-19, 2018)