Pastoral Care

Marymount is deeply committed to students' wellbeing not just for academic success but as individuals. Al students are assigned to homeroom teachers who look after them and are their first point of contact. 

The Headmistress, Elementary and Secondary School Principal, Middle School and Early Childhood Coordinators as well as the School's Psychologists are always available to listen to students' needs in order to provide the necessary support.

As part of the comprehensive educational experience at Marymount, school psychologists are available to discuss with students issues related to academic planning and progress as well as personal and social development. 
Occasionally, it is appropriate to conduct follow up with the students individually or in small groups in one or more areas. Our school policy is to notify parents and obtain written permission for counseling that extends beyond one visit in a school year or is planned on a regular basis. 

The school psychologist addresses the following:

  • Learning issues, behavioral problems and substance abuse situations.

  • Student and family counseling in areas that affect school performance.

  • Assessment of students as an outcome of the Student Study Team to best maximize their learning potential. 

  • Way to improve teaching, learning and socialization.

  • Consultation with other faculty to provide the best learning environment for students.